Earmolds for ITC hearing systems

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Otoform® A softX with color indicator

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Welcome to SmartOrder - your earmold ordering website.

For your earmold order you can choose between HEARING earmolds for hearing aid systems
and PROTECTION & COMFORT hearing protection.

Smart facts:
  • Easy and fast: Intelligent order guidance
  • Links to software tools of the hearing aid business like e. g. Asego, Amparex and AkuWin
  • Status tracking for earmold manufacturing process

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Instructions for use & declarations of conformity:

DLO® Music - Silicone with DM Filter
DLO® Music - Acryl with DM Filter
DLO® Industry - Silicone with DI Filter
DLO® Industry - Acryl with DI Filter
DLO® SkyComfort Directions for use of earmolds